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Pew Pew Pew: Danger Zone!

Lose health, gain bullets! Shoot or get shot! Collect powerups! Beat the boss and the highscore!

"Pew Pew Pew: Danger Zone!" is a minimalistic shmup with bullet hell tendencies, created during Go Godot Jam 4. The theme was "LESS IS MORE", and thus, the less health you have, the more bullets you shoot. I'm incredibly proud to report that the game placed 21st in the jam, and even managed to secure rank 9 in Gameplay!

For a look behind the scenes of its development, take a look at this write-up about it on my blog.

Would love to see some highscores shared in the comments 😊


  • Move: WASD
  • Shoot: Space
  • Bomb: Shift
  • Pause: ESC


Used tools


I have put the sources of this game up on my GitHub account: https://github.com/foosel/pew-pew-pew-danger-zone

A fair warning - I only started getting into gamedev and Godot about a month ago. I by no means expect the way I solved things to be the best way, and I probably did some horrible things here and there

Updated 9 days ago
Published 27 days ago
PlatformsLinux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorGina Häußge
Made withInkscape, Godot
Tags2D, Godot, gogodotjam4, Minimalist, Shoot 'Em Up
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
LinksSource code


pew-pew-pew-danger-zone.x86_64 72 MB

Development log


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14512 on first try :-) 

12.946 is my high socre! Good game!

Great entry! I agree on the bullets being a bit hard to see - suggest making them animated to stand out. Often people have projectiles flash white.

Scored: 14986 Love the game. I love the “gravity” mechanic, making collecting points really tricky. Thanks for the game :D

Great bullet hell, congratulations :D

I have enjoyed a lot with it!

I have killed the boss :D Score: 14268

Thanks for use my music, have a nice day! :D

Woot! Thanks for playing and congrats on beating the boss 😊

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My current highscore: 15075! What’s yours?

Title screen with highscore of 15075

Simple, I like it, but the color of enemy bullet is hard to see, thus hard to avoid

Thank you and good point, I’ll take a look at that! 👍